New book release! Mongrels and Misfits, a complete collection of original lyrics, previously unreleased poetry, and stories.

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Beth's newest release, Forward, is here at last!

This is a bit of a departure from the norm in the form of a USB wristband. All the music and liner notes can be downloaded onto your computer. (And for those of you who miss a physical CD, you can burn it onto a disc, print up the liner notes, and cut out the CD insert that you can slip into a CD case). And hey, it's a fashion statement as well. You can purchase the new CD at Beth's shows and at Louisiana Music Factory (on Decatur St. or online).

More of a digital download kind of person? Just get it on iTunes here:

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Beth's a cover girl!


Come meet an award-winning musical misfit who crawled out of a Louisiana bayou and embarked on a journey paved by progressive rock. She headed for Istanbul and took a wrong turn somewhere around Ireland, creating delicious mayhem along the way: inventing some scandalous new traditions, coining some new words, collecting sick jokes and playing some blazing new riffs with a hypnotic new sound...
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